Integral Industrial Services Pvt Ltd started with an ambition of setting new standards of professionalism in EPC sector. Managed by professionals with extensive experience in EPC business. Integral current & target clients are mid size/large industrial & commercial capital projects.
Each project is actually a dream of somebody. When we complete a project actually we help realizing someone’s  dream. When we achieve a milestone, we actually bring a dream closer to the real world. We take pleasure in fulfilling such dreams, which creates a positive impact on people at large. This ‘dream-project-realization’ vision actually integrates all our wisdom, strength & efforts into a purposeful action. This action keeps us moving, keep us alive…we call it services. We at Integral Industrial services are committed to help people in realizing their dreams through our specialization, dedication & professionalism.


  • Working together with people, business, industry & society in meeting their needs, achieving their potential, aspirations & goals.
  • To establish an excellent & ethical way of professional work, while promoting a sustainable growth.
  • Being business leader in commercial, industrial services & projects, while focusing on customer’s needs
  • Maintaining and leading a commercially successful business.

Core Values: 

  • Safety first; Knowledge, attention & preparedness are the best safety tools
  • Cost effective & innovative solutions to clients & customers
  • Focused approach & efforts towards goals & deadlines
  • Discipline, Dedication & Delivery
  • Challenging & redefining capabilities

Business domain 
Design, Engineering, procurement, supply & erection of following

  • HT/LT system including sub station, plant electrification, illumination, wiring etc
  • Fabrication of tanks, Piping & structure for various fluids & gases i.e Water, Air, LPG, HSD etc.
  • HVAC including centralized air conditioning, chillers, Air washers, Ducting etc
  • Pre-engineered building & general civil work
  • Supply of industrial & general products
  • Contract specialist manpower at all level & job contract
  • Operation & maintenance contract with/without material